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How to Create LVM Logical Volume in Linux Easily

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This post will show you How to Create LVM Logical Volume in Linux Easily.

How to Create LVM Logical Volume in Linux Easily

If you are looking for creating a logical volume in linux on lvm. Here we have described the  commands to create a logical volumes on Linux.


1. We should have enough free space on Volume group (VG) to create a Logical Volume. Refer this link to create a LVM Volume group in Linux. Use "vgs" command to confirm the free space available in volume group or not.

How to Create Logical Volumes

Use "lvcreate" command to create a logical volumes.

lvcreate -L 50G -n datalv datavg

-L to define the Logical volume size 50G.
-n to define the new logical volume name "datalv".
"datavg" is the volume group name.

Above command will create a logical volume "datalv" of 50G size under the volume group "datavg". Now create a filesystem and mount the logical volume. Refer this link to know the complete LVM Tutorial.

Use "lvs" command to confirm that logical volume is created or not.

Hope this post helped you to know How to Create LVM Logical Volume in Linux Easily.

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