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How to Configure Jenkins behind Proxy to Install Plugins

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This tutorial post will show you How to Configure Jenkins behind Proxy to Install Plugins.
If you are behind the proxy environment, then you must configure your jenkins to use proxy settings to download and install any plugins. In this post, I will show you how to configure proxy server setting in Jenkins CI/CD tool.

How to Configure Jenkins behind Proxy to Install Plugins

Let's get started.

How to Configure Jenkins behind Proxy to Install Plugins

1. Login into Jenkins portal with valid credentials.

jenkins dashboard gui

2. Go to "Manage Jenkins" available at the left side panel.

jenkins portal main screen

3. Select "Manage Plugins" from the Manage Jenkins Page.

jenkins manage plugins

4. Select "Advanced" tabs from the Manage Plugins page.

manage plugins jenkins

5. Enter your Proxy Server Name or IP Address and Port number.

Let's say our proxy server name is "" and it works on port "8088".

You must enter your proxy server name as "" in Server field and proxy port number "8088" in Port field. Enter username and password only when you have credentials to use the proxy server, else ignore it.

jenkins proxy server configuration

Before submit the changes, Use the "advanced" button and enter the test URL. Once URL is given, click "validate proxy" to ensure the proxy connection is working or not on Jenkins.

validate jenkins proxy with test url

If your proxy server accept your connection, it would give the output as "success".

6. Once your proxy settings are completed, click on submit.

jenkins proxy configuration

Hope you have got an idea how to configure Jenkins behind proxy to install plugins. Going forward we will play more with Jenkins integration tool.

Keep practicing and have fun. Leave your comments if any.

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