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How to Add Nodes to Active VCS Cluster

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add nodes to active vcs cluster

This post will help you with How to Add Nodes to Active VCS Cluster.

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There might be a requirement to add a new node to an existing VCS cluster to increase the cluster capacity. Another situation in which there is a need to add a new node is hardware upgrade of the nodes. In this post, we will be adding 3rd node (node03) to the existing 2 node cluster.

How to Add Nodes to Active VCS Cluster

Install and configure VCS on the new node

Install VCS cluster software to node03. When asked to configure it, select “no”. After you have finished installing the vcs software run installsf from the software media:
# cd /cdrom/VRTSvcs/
# installsf -addnode

Enter name of one of the existing node of the cluster

Enter a node of SF cluster to which you want to add a node: node01
Checking communication on node01 .................. Done
Checking release compatibility on node01 .......... Done
Following cluster information detected: Cluster Name: mycluster
Cluster ID: 3
Systems: node01 node02
Is this information correct? [y,n,q] (y)? y
Checking communication on node03 ................. Done
Checking VCS running state on node01 ............. Done
Checking VCS running state on node02 ............. Done
Checking VCS running state on node03 ............. Done
Enter the system names separated by spaces to add to the cluster:? node03
Checking communication on node03.................. Done
Checking release compatibility on node03.......... Done
Do you want to add the system(s) node03 to the cluster mycluster? [y,n,q] (y)? y
Checking installed product on cluster mycluster ....... SF5.1
Checking installed product on node03 ............ SF5.1
Checking installed packages on node03 ........... Done
Discovering NICs on node03 ... Discovered nxge0 nxge1 nxge2 nxge3
To use aggregated interfaces for private heartbeat, enter the name of an aggregated interface.
To use a NIC for private heartbeat, enter a NIC which is not part of an aggregated interface.
Enter the NIC for the first private heartbeat link on node03: [b,q,?]? nxge2
Would you like to configure a second private heartbeat link? [y,n,q,b,?] (y)? y
Enter the NIC for the second private heartbeat link on node03: [b,q,?]? nxge3
Would you like to configure a third private heartbeat link? [y,n,q,b,?] (n)? n
Do you want to configure an additional low priority heartbeat link? [y,n,q,b,?] (n)? n
Checking Media Speed for nxge2 on node03 ......... 1000
Checking Media Speed for nxge3 on node03 ......... 1000
Private Heartbeat NICs for train10:
Is this information correct? [y,n,q] (y)? y

In the case where you have configured a virtual cluster IP
Cluster Virtual IP is configured on the cluster mycluster
A public NIC device is required by following services on each of the newly added nodes:
Cluster Virtual IP
Active NIC devices discovered on node03: nxge0 nxge1
Enter the NIC for the VCS to use on node03: (nxge0)


Confirm the configuration: run these commands on node03
# lltstat -nvv
# cat /etc/llttab
# cat /etc/llthosts
# gabconfig -a
# cat /etc/gabtab
# vxfenadm -d
# cat /etc/vxfenmode
# cat /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/   (ClusterServices Sg should have node03)

3. If all of the above settings are right then dump the vcs configuration in memory to
# haconf -makerw

Thats it for this post.

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