Installation of CentOS 7 Step by Step Procedure with Screenshots

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Installation of CentOS 7 Step by Step Procedure with Screenshots

This post will guide you step by step procedure to download and install the CentOS 7.

Step 1: Download CentOS7
Downloads are available in direct and torrent link from, choose the link as per the nearest region.
Direct Link :
Torrent Link :
If the above link is not working or if you encounter any issues, please leave a reply.

Step 2: Boot using ISO image
Are you going to install the CentOS7 on physical machine or vm machine.
If physical machine, Burn the ISO image on DVD and boot the server with media as first bootable device.
If VM machine, copy the ISO image to the Host server, load the ISO Image in Virtual DVD drive and power ON the VM.

Step 3: Start the Installation
Select "Install CentOS7" and hit "Enter"
CentOS7 Installation step by step procedure

Step 4: Language Selection
This box appears to select the language you like to use during the installation. Select "English" --> English (United States) and Click "Continue"
CentOS7 Installation Language Selection

Step 5: Installation Summary
This box appears to show you the current installation summary. select the appropriate types and choose the option to fit our requirement as described in the below steps. We should fix all the warnings shows in the installation summary.
CentOS7 Installation Summary Screenshot

Step 6: Date & Time under Localization
Choose Date & Time, Select Region as "Asia", Select City as "Kolkata" and click "Done" available at the left-top corner.
CentOS7 Installation Date and Time Screenshot
Step 7: Installation Destination under System

Warning shows as "automatic partitioning selected", Choose "Installation Destination" and click "Done"
CentOS7 Installation Automatic Disk partitioning Screenshot

Step 8: Network & Hostname
Choose Network & Hostname, Enter the new hostname as "" in the text box and click done.
CentOS7 Installation network and hostname Screenshot

Step 9: Begin the Installation
Once everything is done, click "Begin Installation".

Step 10: Change Root Password
Once the Installation started and shows in the progress bar,
CentOS7 Installation configuration Screenshot
Choose "Root Password", Enter the new password in both the box and click "Done" twice.
CentOS7 Installation change root password Screenshot

Step 11: Finish the installation
Once the installation is done, Click "Reboot".
CentOS7 Installation full complete Screenshot
Thats all, Installation of the CentOS7 is completed.

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November 05, 2015

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