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How to Check Port is Open on Remote Server

How to Check Port is Open on Remote Server

If you are looking for the solution "How to check port is open on remote server" As a admin, you will come to a situation to find the particular port is open or not from one server to remote server.Assume that you are looking to check the port 25 is open or not on the remote server

Use the command "telnet" as below to see the port 25 is open.

#telnet 25

We should get connected to the remote server as connection established. And also you can use the command "nmap" to ensure the port open or not on remote server as well.


We should see the port 25 in the output, then the port is open.

If both the command doesnt show the output as expected, then its been blocked by firewall or the service belongs to port 25 (SMTP) is not running.

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