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How to Extend Volume Group (LVM) in Linux Easily

This post will show you How to Extend Volume Group (LVM) in Linux Easily.
If you are looking to know How to extend Volume group in linux on lvm. Here we have described the commands to extend volume group on Linux.

How to Extend Volume Group (LVM) in Linux Easily


Identify the correct the disk and create a physical volume using the command "pvcreate", refer this link to create a physical volume on linux.

How to Extend Volume group?

Assume that we have a Volume group (vg01) with size 100Gb and we are going to add a new disk /dev/sdc1 (50gb) to the existing volume group "vg01". So totally we will have 150Gb size.

Use 'vgextend' command to add a new disk to an existing volume group "vg01".

vgextend vg01 /dev/sdc1

Above command will add the new phsycal volume to the existing Volume group "vg01".

Ensure the volume group size has been increased to 150Gb or not.

vgdisplay vg01



That's all about how to extend volume group in linux.

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