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How Much Does the CKA Certification from Linux Foundation Cost?

How Much Does the CKA Certification from Linux Foundation Cost

Are you interested in obtaining the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification from the Linux Foundation, but unsure of the cost? The CKA certification is a valuable credential for individuals seeking to demonstrate their expertise in managing and deploying containerized applications with Kubernetes. In this article, we'll provide you with a breakdown of the costs associated with the CKA certification.

Overview of CKA Certification

The CKA certification is a professional designation that verifies an individual's knowledge and expertise in Kubernetes. The exam is designed to test an individual's ability to perform real-world tasks related to managing and deploying Kubernetes clusters. The exam consists of a performance-based assessment, in which candidates must complete a series of tasks within a live Kubernetes environment.

CKA Exam Cost

The cost of the CKA exam is $300 USD. This fee covers the cost of the exam and a single retake if necessary. If a candidate does not pass the exam on the first attempt, they can retake the exam at no additional cost. However, if a candidate fails the exam twice, they must wait 12 months before attempting the exam again.

CKA Exam Preparation Cost

While not required, many candidates choose to prepare for the CKA exam through self-study or by taking a training course. The cost of exam preparation varies depending on the method chosen.


There are several resources available online for individuals interested in self-study for the CKA exam. These resources include official Kubernetes documentation, tutorials, and practice exams. The cost of self-study varies depending on the resources used, but it is typically free or low-cost.

Training Courses

The Linux Foundation offers an official training course for the CKA exam. The course, titled "Kubernetes Fundamentals," provides a comprehensive overview of Kubernetes and prepares candidates for the CKA exam. The cost of the course is $299 USD and includes a practice exam. Other training providers may offer similar courses at varying prices.

Obtaining the CKA certification from the Linux Foundation can be a valuable asset for individuals looking to advance their careers in Kubernetes administration. The total cost of the certification varies depending on whether a candidate chooses to prepare through self-study or by taking a training course. The cost of the exam itself is $300 USD, with a single retake included if necessary.

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