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Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers - Intermediate

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This post will help you to get Best Kubernetes Interview Questions & Answers to Crack Kubernetes Interviews from the different sources, It will have all Scenario Based Kubernetes Interview Questions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Experienced Candidates.

Answers of each Kubernetes Questions found here in the video along with explainations.

1. What is the difference between config map and secret? (Differentiate the answers as with examples)

2. If a node is tainted, is there a way to still schedule the pods to that node?

3. Can we use many claims out of a persistent volume? Explain?

4. What kind of object do you create, when your dashboard like application, queries the Kubernetes API to get some data?

5. What is the difference between a Pod and a Job? Differentiate the answers as with examples)

6. How do you deploy a feature with zero downtime in Kubernetes?

7. How to monitor that a Pod is always running?

8. What are the types of multi-container pod patterns? (Explain each type with examples)

9. What is the difference between replication controllers and replica sets?

10. How do you tie service to a pod or to a set of pods?

11. Having a Pod with two containers, can I ping each other? like using the container name?

12. Does the rolling update with state full set replicas=1 makes sense?

13. Different Ways to provide API-Security on Kubernetes?

14. what does kube-proxy do?

15. What runs inside the kubernetes worker nodes?

16. Is there a way to make a pod to automatically come up when the host restarts?

17. Is there any other way to update configmap for deployment without pod restarts?

18. Do rolling updates declared with a deployment take effect if I manually delete pods of the replica set with kubectl delete pods or with the dashboard? Will the minimum required a number of pods be maintained?

19. what is the difference between externalIP and loadBalancerIP?

20. In  Kubernetes - A Pod is running 2 containers, when One container stops - another Container is still running, on this event, I want to terminate this Pod?

21. what is the ingress, is it something that runs as a pod or on a pod?

22. What happens if  daemonset can be set to listen on a specific interface since the Anycast IP will be assigned to a network interface alias?

23. How to forward port `8080 (container) to 8080 (service) to 8080 (ingress) to 80 (browser)` how is it done?

24. Are deployments with more than one replica automatically doing rolling updates when a new deployment config is applied?

25. If you have multiple containers in a Deployment file, does use the HorizontalPodAutoscaler scale all of the containers?

26. Suppose you have to use database with your application but well, if you make a database container-based deployment. how would the data persist?

27. If a pod exceeds its memory "limit" what signal is sent to the process?

Answers of each Kubernetes Questions found here in the video along with explainations.

"Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers - Intermediate Level"

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