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Docker Interview Questions and Answers for Free

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This post will help you to get Best Docker Interview Questions & Answers to Crack Docker Interviews from the different sources, It will have all Scenario Based Docker Interview Questions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Experienced Candidates.

Also find related interview questions with answers. it may be useful to you.

Docker Interview Questions and Answers

List of Docker Interview Questions:

Answers of each Docker Interview Questions found here in the video along with explainations.

1. Can you tell something about docker container?

2. What are docker images?

3. What is a DockerFile?

4. Can you tell what is the functionality of a hypervisor?

5. What can you tell about Docker Compose?

6. Can you tell something about docker namespace?

7. What is the docker command that lists the status of all docker containers?

8. On what circumstances will you lose data stored in a container?

9. What is docker image registry?

10. How many Docker components are there?

11. What is a Docker Hub?

12. What command can you run to export a docker image as an archive?

13. What command can be run to import a pre-exported Docker image into another Docker host?

14. Can a paused container be removed from Docker?

15. What command is used to check for the version of docker client and server?

16. Differentiate between COPY and ADD commands that are used in a Dockerfile?

17. Can a container restart by itself?

18. Can you tell the differences between a docker Image and Layer?

19. What is the purpose of the volume parameter in a docker run command?

20. Where are docker volumes stored in docker?

21. What does the docker info command do?

22. Can you tell the what are the purposes of up, run, and start commands of docker compose?

23. Can you tell the approach to login to the docker registry?

24. List the most commonly used instructions in Dockerfile?

25. Can you differentiate between Daemon Logging and Container Logging?

26. What is the way to establish communication between docker host and Linux host?

27. What is the best way of deleting a container?

28. Can you tell the difference between CMD and ENTRYPOINT?

29. Can we use JSON instead of YAML while developing docker-compose file in Docker?

30. How many containers you can run in docker and what are the factors influencing this limit?

31. Describe the lifecycle of Docker Container?

32. How to use docker for multiple application environments?

33. How will you ensure that a container 1 runs before container 2 while using docker compose?

Answers of each Docker Interview Questions found here in the video along with explainations.

Also find related interview questions with answers. it may be useful to you.

Keep practicing and have fun. Leave your comments if any.

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