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DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for Free

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This post will help you to get Best DevOps Interview Questions & Answers to Crack Devops Interviews from the different sources, It will have all Scenario Based DevOps Interview Questions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Experienced Candidates.

Also find related interview questions with answers. it may be useful to you.

DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

List of Devops Interview Questions:

Answers of each DevOps Questions found here in the video along with explainations.

1) Explain what is DevOps?

2) Mention what the key aspects or principle behind DevOps are?

3) What are the core operations of DevOps with application development and with infrastructure?

4) Explain how "Infrastructure code” is processed or executed in AWS?

5) Explain which scripting language is most important for a DevOps engineer?

6) Explain how DevOps is helpful to developers?

7) List out some popular tools for DevOps?

8) Mention at what instance have you used the SSH?

9) Explain how you would handle revision (version) control?

10) What are the types of Http requests?

11) Explain what you would check If a Linux-build-server suddenly starts getting slow?

12) What are the key components of DevOps?

13) Name a few cloud platform which are used for DevOps Implementation

14) Give some benefits of using Version Control system

15) Explain Git Bisect?

16) What is the build?

17) What is Puppet?

18) Explain two-factor authentication

19) Explain the term ‘Canary Release’.

20) What types of testing is important to ensure that new service is ready for production?

21) What is Vagrant?

22) What is the use of PTR in DNS?

23) What is Chef?

24) What are the prerequisites for the implementation of DevOps?

25) Name some best practices which should be followed for DevOps success.

26) Explain SubGIt tool

27) Name some important network monitoring tools

28) Explain what Memcached is?

29) Mention some important features of Memcached?

30) Explain whether it is possible to share a single instance of a Memcache between multiple projects?

31) You are having multiple Memcache servers, in which one of the memcache servers fails, and it has your data, will it ever try to get key data from that one failed server?

32) Explain how you can minimize the Memcached server outages?

33) Explain how you can update Memcached when data changes?

34) Explain what Dogpile effect is? How can you prevent this effect?

35) Explain how Memcached should not be used?

36) When a server gets shut down does data stored in Memcached is still available?

37) Mention what the difference between Memcache and Memcached?

38) What are the containers?

39) What is post mortem meeting with reference to DevOps?

40) What is the easiest method to build a small cloud?

41) Name two tools which are used for docker networking.

42) Name some of the areas where DevOps are Implemented

43) What is CBD?

44) Explain Pair Programming with reference to DevOps

45) Explain Resilience Test

46) Name three important DevOps KPIs

Answers of each DevOps Questions found here in the video along with explainations.

Also find related interview questions with answers. it may be useful to you.