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Kubernetes Scenario Based Interview Questions with Answers

This post will help you to get Best Kubernetes Scenario Based Interview Questions with Answers to Crack Kubernetes Interviews from the different sources, It will have all Scenario Based Kubernetes Interview Questions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Experienced Candidates.

Kubernetes Scenario Based Interview Questions with Answers

List of Kubernetes Scenario Based Interview Questions:

Answers of each Kubernetes Questions found here in this video along with explainations.

1. Let’s say a Kubernetes job should finish in 40 seconds, however on a rare occasion it takes 5 minutes, How can I make sure to stop the application if it exceeds more than 40 seconds?

2. How do you test a manifest without actually executing it?

3. How do you initiate a rollback for an application?

4. How do you package Kubernetes applications?

5. What are init containers?

6. What is node affinity and pod affinity?

7. How do you drain the traffic from a Pod during maintenance?

8. I have one POD and inside 2 containers are running one is Nginx and another one is  wordpress So, how can access these 2 containers from the Browser with IP address?

9. If I have multiple containers running inside a pod, and I want to wait for a specific container to start before starting another one.

10. What is the impact of upgrading kubelet if we leave the pods on the worker node - will it break running pods? why?

11. How service that selects apps based on the label and has an externalIP?

12. Does the container restart When applying/updating the secret object (kubectl apply -f mysecret.yml)?  If not, how is the new password applied to the database?

13. How should you connect an app pod with a database pod?

14. How to configure a default ImagePullSecret for any deployment?

15. If you have a pod that is using a ConfigMap which you updated, and you want the container to be updated with those changes, what should you do?

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