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Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners

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This post will help you to get Best Kubernetes Interview Questions & Answers to Crack Kubernetes Interviews from the different sources, It will have all Scenario Based Kubernetes Interview Questions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Experienced Candidates.

Answers of each Kubernetes Questions found here in the video along with explainations.

1. What is Kubernetes?

2. What are K8s?

3. What is orchestration when it comes to software and Kubernetes?

4. How are Kubernetes and Docker related?

5. What are the main differences between the Docker Swarm and Kubernetes?

6. What are the main components of Kubernetes architecture?

7. What is a node in Kubernetes?

8. What does the node status contain?

9. What process runs on Kubernetes Master Node?

10. What is a pod in Kubernetes?

11. What is the job of the kube-scheduler?

12. What is a cluster of containers in Kubernetes?

13. What is the Google Container Engine?

14. What are Daemon sets?

15. What is 'Heapster' in Kubernetes?

16. What is a Namespace in Kubernetes?

17. Name the initial namespaces from which Kubernetes starts?

18. What is the Kubernetes controller manager?

19. What are the types of controller managers?

20. What is etcd?

21. What are the different services within Kubernetes?

22. What is ClusterIP?

23. What is NodePort?

24. What is the LoadBalancer in Kubernetes?

25. What is a headless service?

26. What is Kubelet?

27. What is Kubectl?

28. Give examples of recommended security measures for Kubernetes.

29. What is Kube-proxy?

30. How can you get a static IP for a Kubernetes load balancer?

Answers of each Kubernetes Questions found here in the video along with explainations.

"Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners"

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Keep practicing and have fun. Leave your comments if any.

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