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linux administration, linux server administration, linux system administration, linux administrations, linux training courses, linux administration training really glad to help the candidates who are interested to learn linux to become an experienced administrators. Its more easier like other operating system. We will also provide you interview questions and lab excercise documents for practices.

To make it easier for the beginners who doesnt know anything about linux, links are arranged in order. Go through the below links one by one to understand the linux easily from beginning.

  1. Introduction to Linux in Questions and Answers Format.
  2. Linux Directory Structure / File system Hierarchy
  3. Installation of Linux Server Operating System with Screenshots
  4. Working with Linux for Basic Operations, Logging In and Out
  5. Linux Basic Commands
  6. Linux Basic File Permissions and Ownerships
  7. Special File Permissions (SetUID, SetGID and Sticky Bit)
  8. Setting up Access Control Lists (ACL) on Linux
  9. Understanding the Linux Boot Process
  10. Compress, Archiving and Extract using tar, gzip and bzip2 in Linux
  11. Disk Management in Linux - Understand the Basic Concepts
  12. How to Create and Delete Partitions using fdisk in Linux
  13. Stay connect with us, more topics will be available soon.....

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